Berfu has engaged in feminist and LGBTI+ movements for over a span of 10 years. She holds a B.A. in Cinema &TV and an M.A. in Critical & Cultural Studies. She has been working at WWHR– New Ways since 2016, for advancing women’s rights and gender equality. She also worked as a part time instructor on queer, gender, sexuality.

Cansu is a PhD candidate in Social Research Methodology. Her master’s is on Gender and Women’s Studies, and her bachelor’s is from English Language and Literature. Worked at a host of qualitative and quantitative projects and fieldworks from gender-based violence against women to abortion and family planning services, to demographic and health surveys. Fan of chess, wing tsun, and languages.

Evelina is a Swedish researcher and senior lecturer in Gender Studies. Her interests lie in feminist political theory, feminist and antifeminist activism and the relation between politics and science. She is engaged in the grassroots organisation Socialist politics and one of the editors of the journal Röda rummet (The Red Room).

Franziska is a designer, lecturer, self-publisher and queer-feminist activist. Her work focuses on intersections between theory, poetics and typography, the process of writing and performance, as well as concepts of the chaotic. She is part of the multimedia art collective ELAF, part of the subcultural collective Zucker e.V. and co-editor and graphic designer of the queer-feminist maga_zine Purple Scare.

Laura works as a research assistant at MaJaC, Ruhr-Uni Bochum (Germany). There she coordinates “Unser Campus” – a campaign against sexualised discrimination and violence. She is also the founder of “Feminismus im Pott”, a feminist group from the ruhr area. She also works as a freelance speaker.

Octo is from Sweden and has a political and personal interest in rights for LGBTQIA+ persons, and making LGBTQIA+ lives not just survivable and livable, but being given the space and tools for thriving. Their primary interests are transgender and asexual lives. In their free time they enjoy science-fiction and fantasy stories, music and drawing.

Linn is a PhD student in sociology with a background in gender studies. Linn’s research concerns intergenerational care between children and grandparents who are not biological linked, so called bonus-families (step-grandparents, families of choice, by divorce and re-partnering). Before, Linn worked practically with gender and equality issues in social movements and in the feminist party in Sweden: Feminist Initiative.

Louka is a doctoral researcher in sociology at Goethe University Frankfurt, working on gender transitions with a new materialist approach. Outside academia, they work as an educator for sexual and gender diversity, are a member of Club of Rome’s ThinkTank30 and editor of the magazine Neue Narrative where they publish their column Geschlechtergefühle (genderfeelings) with critical reflections on the gender binary.

Malin is a researcher and teacher in Political Science at Uppsala University, Sweden. She has investigated antifeminist mobilisations in Sweden, and how privileged groups are enabled by online platforms to reproduce existing power structures. Her current work focuses on how the use of social media by political candidates in contentious elections is gendered.

PT moved from Turkey to Germany almost 15 years ago. She has completed her PhD in Germany and published her first monograph which dealth with the intersection of the Germany’s migration history after the second World War, racism and feminism. She is currently active in a local BPoC community in the city where she lives and interested in building transnational feminist connections against anti-gender and transphobic politics in Europe and beyond.

Rümeysa was born in Diyarbakır. She graduated from Boğaziçi University Computer Engineering Department. She is a Muslim feminist activist, a civil society professional, a musician, and a mother. She is among the founders of Women in Mosques, Reçel Blog ( and Havle Women’s Association. She has been working as a project specialist at the YADA Foundation since 2015, and has been working as a research director since the beginning of 2020. She graduated from Istanbul University Gender Studies Master’s Program in 2019.

Victoria Yasemin is from Berlin and Istanbul. She studied political science at the University of Münster and FU Berlin, has helped found several organizations and has worked both non-profit organizationsand in different companies in both Germany and Turkey. At the moment she works as a freelance translator, has two children and lives with her family in Berlin. She is an active founding member of the women’s initiative Puduhepa e.V.

İrem graduated from the Boğaziçi University in 2020 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology. She has taken an active role in the feminist and women’s movement for four years and feels deeply dedicated to this effort. She has been an active member of 8th March Feminist Night March committee, 25th November International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women March committee and Kadınlar Birlikte Güçlü (Women Are Stronger Together – a joint platform of the women’s movement) for four years. In addition,She has been volunteering for organizations and meetings in Feminist Mekan (the Feminist Space, located in Taksim). She is also a member of a feminist website collective by the name of Çatlak Zemin.