Welcome to the #GenderStruggles storyboard!

Feminist and queer activists and activist-researchers engage in #GenderStruggles every day. Gender struggles intensify in the face of anti-gender mobilizations. They take shape in online and offline spaces, in formal and informal settings, and on local and transnational scales. The #GenderStruggles project brings together activists and activist-researchers from Turkey, Sweden, and Germany to discuss these, exchange strategies of resistance, and build emotional resilience. As a storyboard emerging from #GenderStruggles, this website presents the journey of project participants through the eight workshops organized in the digital space throughout 2021. The visitor will find here stories about encounters with anti-gender actors, individual and collective forms of resistance, sources of resilience, the various ways of building solidarity, and discussions around the promisses and perils of digitalization. Featuring narrations that might complement or contradict each other, or do both at the same time, this digital storyboard invites the visitor to explore and draw inspiration from the transnational dialogue between more than twenty feminist and queer activists and activist-researchers from different, sometimes multiple, contexts. Enjoy, and join our collective #GenderStruggles!

Introduction and meeting: Our stories, ourselves.Read More

The second workshop was on narrating anti-gender mobilizations..Read More

The third workshop focused on mapping strategies of resistance. Read More

In May we will had our first workshop with guest speakers and external participants, on making use of digitalization. Read More

In June, before we enter the summer break, we had the 6th workshop on digitalization with a focus on sustainability. Read More

We met again in September to talk about strategies of solidarity building with guest speakers. Read More

Workshop 7 in October was on networking, outreach and community engagement, with guest speakers and external participants. Read More

26 November 2021: Reflection, evaluation and ideas for future research

The last workshop in November was about the evaluation of the project and included discussions about collaboration for future activist work and/or research.. Read More

In December as way of closure we will have a public event: a virtual tour of our website. Read More